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WTI has a worldwide network of suppliers to meet the demands of any contract, big or small. Our direct relationships to growers, cooperatives and multinational trading companies awards our clients unparalleled access to trade opportunities across all commodities categories: Agriculture, Energy and Metals.


Specialty Ingredients 

Whether sourcing a common everyday item that is in short supply or looking for the new up and coming ingredient or input, WTI has access to it all. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of trend products and having continuous access to everyday, common ingredients for both spot purchases and term contracts in all formats: fresh or frozen, conventional or organic.


Consumer Packaged Goods

In todays world, the quicker and cheaper you can bring products direct to consumers, the more profit you can make. WTI only works with proven, top rated manufacturers and co-packers, affording our clients access to quality CPG items across all consumer categories from anywhere in the world. WTI prides itself on being nimble and providing their clients with current market demand. WTI is at the forefront of COVID-19 response, utilizing our network to secure large volumes of CPG hand sanitizer and other PPE products for both public and private distribution. 


Private Label and Custom Manufacturing 

Private Label or “House Brand” items are a current and innovative way that companies are expanding their branding and digital footprint. Many of our sourced products are available as private label or to be custom manufactured to a spec that is different than the norm. If you have a vision, WTI can bring it to life!

Private Label

Global Logistics 

Whether your needs are FOB, EXW, CIF by Air or by Sea, WTI’s logistics team can do it all. WTI is a full service trading and sourcing business with the ability to bring any order of any size direct to you or your clients warehouse doors!


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